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LI-NING badminton oprema








Beginners course for adults

…is the perfect choice for all recreational players, regardless of their age, who have only just begun to discover the joys of badminton or have been enjoying it for some time but feel, perhaps, their technique could use some tips and pointers in the right direction. Be it a complete greenhorn or a seasoned recreational player, we all can always use a second glance at the basics of our favorite sports.

The course consists of 8 sessions, 90 minutes each, during which we take you through the ABCs of competitive play: footwork, correct hand grips, racket-work and technique tips and finally, the correct positioning on court throughout the game. A maximum of eight participants per course guarantees the best mixture of indivi dual attention and the positive social contact that comes with successful group learning.

Whether singles or doubles are your preferred choice of play, we promise to equip you with sufficient knowledge for you to continue your career as a recreational player on your own. However, if you find yourself enjoying our company (and that of your co-players), we cordially invite all those, who finish our course to join one of our diverse recreational groups, where you can continue to hone your badminton skills under the supervision of our coaches and enjoy playing with many different players, who share your love of the game.

The price of 90 EUR includes the playing fee, a coach, any required additional equipment (except indoor sports shoes) and 5 complimentary hours of badminton (court-lease) , that you may use, at your convenience, for the duration of your beginners course.  Our desire is for you to play at least once per week, additionally to your beginner’s course sessions, to ensure a greater impact on your learning curve.

Applications to be sent to

You book your place in one of our beginners courses by paying the fee. You may do so at the reception desk in the sports center Dolgi most, every working day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. or via bank transaction to Badminton klub Ljubljana, SI56 6100 0000 5975 741

Beginers courses:

  1. dates 12.09. - 07.11.2016  -  monday
  2. dates 16.10. - 04.12.2016  -  sunday
  3. dates 14.11. - 09.01.2017  -  monday
  4. dates 11.12. - 12.02.2017  -  sunday
  5. dates 16.01. - 06.03.2017  -  monday
  6. dates 19.02. - 09.04.2017  -  sunday
  7. dates 13.03. - 15.05.2017  -  monday
  8. dates 16.04. - 11.06.2017  -  sunday


  day hour
  every monday 8x in a row 18:30-20:00
or every sunday 8x in a row 19:30-21:00


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