Foto: Naši najmlajši štirikratni državni prvaki do 11 let

Foto: Enkrat zlati in trikrat bronasti na letošnjem državnem prvenstvu

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Organized transport for children

In Badminton Club Ljubljana we try to make life a little easier for the parents of our young players by organizing transportation for children to our badminton hall.

Our new badminton shuttle bus collects our young members at their school, near their home or, for bus commuters, at the final stop of the no.6 Ljubljana bus line. The shuttle bus takes the players to sports center Dolgi most, where our club conducts its activities. This saves parents time and energy and enables your children to begin training sessions earlier in the day, leaving them enough time later-on for other activities, schoolwork and to spend time with their family.

Reliable drivers, air-conditioned shuttle, equipped with seatbelts, airbags and all the other necessities will guarantee your children a safe and pleasant journey. And the lively colors of our shuttle bus will ensure that the children see us coming from far away.

For more information regarding the route and timetable of

our shuttle bus, contact us at 041 323 966

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