Foto: Naši najmlajši štirikratni državni prvaki do 11 let

Foto: Enkrat zlati in trikrat bronasti na letošnjem državnem prvenstvu

LI-NING badminton oprema








Badminton school

…conducts its activities in the sports centre Dolgi Most and Tennis Academy Breskvar. Our badminton school is intended for children, aged 6 to 18. The players are divided into groups according to age and/or level of play.

The purpose of our school is mainly to ensure our young players’ healthy physical development and socialisation through recreational play and competitive basics of badminton. In addition to swiftly improving motoric function, our learning courses also grant players a glimpse at the “real” competitive badminton by training under true competitive conditions and professional supervision. Once every month, our players face-off in a members only club tournament, thus learning to face and bear the strain of competition and deal with the “competitive jitters”, employing firm resolve and, above all, the omnipresent principles of sportsmanship and fair play.

During periods of school break, Badminton Club Ljubljana provides an active alternative for your children’s pastime. Young players may join us in a slightly more serious training programme, designed for players with competitive aspirations or share in a more leisurely coloured holidays programme, packed with games and fun exercises.

From among our ranks, those most dedicated are invited to BK Ljubljana competitive club where a stricter regime of tougher and more intense practice sessions awaits.


!!! Organized transport of children to practice !!!


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